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Found Treasure

I found this precious gem,,  yesterday and I am so taken with the refreshing clarity that I have to share it. Teresa calls them micro-poems, I call them perfection.

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a short story with no title…except this one.

a short story with no title…except this one.. A terrific story from the one and only Trenton Babbage (minus The Dancing Cabbages), lots of witty asides and a close look at one man’s desire for self preservation.

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Heartless Diamonds

Last week, I read somewhere that social media makes people feel less fulfilled so I took a week off from blogging and concentrated on my tangible life. BIG MISTAKE. There are many things I enjoy about the tangible world but … Continue reading

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Recent Discoveries

I’ve discovered some new blogs, or they’ve discovered mine. wierdshortstoriesbychristian intimate stories, spare writing. watch4whit this blog makes me laugh. Gentlemen of Sport three guys share their perspectives on sports and life.

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Dear Nasty Prospective Customer

Dear Nasty Prospective Customer: You are most often right. I am subservient to you and, during business hours, I acknowledge your superiority. You don’t need me but since I like to be able to eat and purchase toilet paper, I … Continue reading

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Buffalo soldiers, banana wars and budget fights

Originally posted on So Far From Heaven:
We white people have had a fairly rough time of it.  Black buffalo soldiers running around all over the west whupping our Indians and taking their land away from them. No sooner…

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Old Jules So Far From Heaven

A national referendum – “Giddyup 409, or a war somewhere?”. Read it and nod sagely.

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Insurance Access

On Fox this morning the opinion was offered that Obama lied when he said insured people would be able to keep their current plans under the Affordable Care Act. Obama did not lie. No one is restricting access to the … Continue reading

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Insurgent Mind

I have been working steadily as you may have guessed from my silence. I worked today. I should be reworking some of the stories I have submitted that have been rejected, a chore that I would enjoy. However, I am … Continue reading

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Daybell Story

Man Smart (Woman Smarter) A  short eventful story with a clever ending. 

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