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I found a cool study on my oldest and dearest friend’s fb page that supports what I have always suspected, people who give, time-food-compassion-a warm smile-anything, are more evolved. Check it out. Advertisements

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Teaching Imagination

I watched Moyers & Company this afternoon. Dr. Henry Giroux spoke about education and the social contract. He called the prevailing American social and political attitude “savage”. It is savage. Education is fundamental to a healthy society. Yet, rather than … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Secrecy

The Federal Reserve directly impacts all of the people in the United States and indirectly, or perhaps directly, in all that swirling opaqueness it’s difficult to say, the lives of all the people in the world. It’s time for an … Continue reading

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United Against TPP

I have been beside myself over the Trans Pacific Partnership. The world wide opposition to this slimy deal is encouraging. John of Johnbalaya  offered a cautiously optimistic comment that inspired me to do a search for “news” on TPP. What … Continue reading

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Trans Pacific Plutocracy

Wikileaks has released the Intellectual Property section of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Apparently, it is intended to be fast tracked through Congress before year end. Meetings will commence in Salt Lake City from tomorrow, November 19, through the 24th. … Continue reading

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Subsidizing Wall St. (or Putting It To the People)

As most of us are aware the Fed is no friend to the People. Quantitative Easing is an outrageous outcome of Too Big To Fail. Matt Taibbi elaborates: “… the thing I want to focus on is the subsidy aspect … Continue reading

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Obamacare UNaffordable

I watched the physicians, Margaret Flowers and Jill Stein on Moyers & Company yesterday. I was struck by several of the points Dr. Flowers made. I found the following information on a blog entry she posted. “Insurance companies have a … Continue reading

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