Trans Pacific Partnership etc.

Let’s begin with the etcetera since it’s more fun on a Monday morning.

In case you’re wondering, I have a lovely collapsible ladder, 40′ I think, and something called an Unger (like Felix, which is what my husband calls me at my most compulsive) pole. I am running his laundry through the machines as I type.

Mike Michaud, currently a Maine congressman, has come out to announce he is gay. He is also running for governor. I hope Maine gets a gay governor, he might set those annoying christian conservatives straight.

I found this blog because the blogger found me, I love his realistic observations. You might like them too, check out coveredinbeer.

Moyers & Company had an enlightening segment on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which may cause egregious damage to the economies of the participating countries, the environment, and human health all while lining the pockets of industry. The TPP transparency fact sheet reassuringly states “…Congress has created a special Congressional Oversight Group to provide advice to USTR regarding U.S. objectives, positions, and strategies in trade negotiations.” That’s right folks, the fox is still guarding the henhouse.

It seems the US government has a permanent solution to dissent in Pakistan, drone strikes. You can view Robert Greenwald’s documentary here. As US citizens we are accountable for our government.

According to a Gallup poll an appalling number of uninsured Americans are uninformed regarding the Affordable Care Act.

That’s it. Frankly, that’s enough.


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13 Responses to Trans Pacific Partnership etc.

  1. Uh… your blog has been invaded by the color blue… or the Union Army…

  2. Thank you for the endorsement!

  3. I think the word collapsible in your ladder’s description is telling. The revolution has fizzled?

  4. John says:

    And the appalling number of uninformed Americans is surprising because…..?

    I’m a fan of universal healthcare (though, I’d prefer a single-payer plan), but, in fairness, the current Administration has not been good with messaging the ACA … actually, the administration is not good at telling people much of anything ….

    • elroyjones says:

      It shouldn’t be surprising that there is an appalling number of uninformed Americans on any topic. It is disheartening, John. We have failed repeatedly to find the facts on issues that have a direct impact on us.
      I am profoundly disappointed in Obama. Like you, I support a single payer system. The local hospital, here in the hinterlands, is laying off again. Of course, they are a not-for-profit entity, enjoying all of the tax breaks that accompany the quasi status. It is galling that the low wage earners are being laid off while executive leadership has yet to take a hit or even a pay cut. The poor continue to become poorer.
      The living wage is somewhere around $15 hourly but nobody wants to pay that because it affects the bottom line and leaves less for the people at the top. We are fucked.

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