Federal Reserve Secrecy

The Federal Reserve directly impacts all of the people in the United States and indirectly, or perhaps directly, in all that swirling opaqueness it’s difficult to say, the lives of all the people in the world. It’s time for an audit! I’m not a Rand Paul supporter but I think the man is on to something. Why all the secrecy?  How about we have a little look-see, what happens to all that money, where do it go, how do it get there, who do it benefit?

I’m more than a tad suspicious of Janet Yellen’s defensive opposition to an audit. If there’s nothing to hide she won’t mind us taking a look.

Here are some links you can look at-

Federal Reserve Transparency Act

Senator Bernie Sanders on the Fed Audit

Forbes on the Fed GAO audit

Harry “Milktoast” Reid on a Fed audit

“Terrible” Ted Cruz on a Fed audit, jumping on the bandwagon hoping for a nomination

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