United Against TPP

I have been beside myself over the Trans Pacific Partnership. The world wide opposition to this slimy deal is encouraging. John of Johnbalaya  offered a cautiously optimistic comment that inspired me to do a search for “news” on TPP. What I discovered gave me hope. Remember hope? It was supposed to accompany change. I was such a sucker.

Take a gander at these links and see what the gutless, American network and cable news “journalists”don’t report-

a letter from the Republicans to President Obama

insight from The Washington Post

The Guardian chimes in

an editorial in The New Zealand Herald

an opinion in The Sydney Morning Herald

a letter in The Salt Lake Tribune

a piece by Joe Wolverton, II, JD in The New American

and my personal favorite, for obvious reasons, a schedule of events with accompanying photos of the People enjoying their First Amendment rights published by popularresistance.org.

We are powerful, all of us together can create a more perfect union and replace the futility of corporate enslavement with liberty and justice for all.


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3 Responses to United Against TPP

  1. I thought that was united against toilet paper…

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