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Circular Identification

I’ve been plotting my escape. I plot a daring escape, or a divorce, every spring. You’ll think whatever you want, I wouldn’t expect anything less. My discontent is the direct result of a hyper-responsible nature. There are people who would … Continue reading


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Taking Turns

Yesterday, I saw a friend from the health food store. We had a conversation about mothers, hers and mine. Her grandmother died in December at age 99. Her mother will be 70 this year and she’s spent the last bunch … Continue reading

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Gulag Americana

I can’t imagine anything worse than being held against my will. I suppose short term incarceration works as a deterrent for some crimes, that it may be a powerful incentive to walk the straight and narrow once one is released. … Continue reading

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Canadian Spanking

Oh Canadaaaaa! My favorite senator, Richard Burr, questions a Canadian physician and she spanks him hard. Richie needed a good spanking; he’s a naughty boy. He wants to reduce veterans’ benefits. I sent him a copy of Restrepo because Richie isn’t a veteran … Continue reading

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So this is our banned testimony – Pelican Bay prisoners statement to legislators

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
We are prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison who have all lived for over 15 years locked 23 hours a day in  small windowless cells, without ever being able to hug or touch our…

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Daybell’s Freebie

Richard Daybell has a free, and we do love free, copy of Naughty Marietta available. Visit his blog to meet some of his characters and to hook up with the free link.

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Rachel Canning

Stop the madness! Rachel Canning is suing her parents to pay her education costs even though she has attained age 18 and after she opted to move out of their house rather than live by their rules under their roof. … Continue reading

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