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Making sandwiches

Making sandwiches. Freshly Pressed for good reason. I’m not a big “How to Write” person but his analogy is terrific.

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Conversations In Bars: The I.R.A.

Conversations In Bars: The I.R.A.. Well worth your time, makes you feel like you were there too, particularly the part about beginning afternoon drinking while it’s still morning.

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Last Words

My only remaining brother, A.B., owes a small debt to me. I make interest free loans to my siblings from time to time, unlike my sister, the loan shark, who charges 100% interest. I’d like to have the money he … Continue reading

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Evaluating Class

You know we’re self employed and some of our customers are the upper echelon of society. Yes, the selfsame 1%. I am the Great and Powerful Oz of this operation so we do not budge without a contract. I’ve told you that my … Continue reading

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