Unbelievable News

I watch FSTV every so often but never before bed, too scary. It’s human nature to be concerned only with individual survival. Paying attention is laborious. Excess hasn’t done anything for humanity. In the US we’ve become a medicated nation because consumption hasn’t made us happy. I know more people on prescribed drugs than I do on illegal ones; although, I’m close to the medicated in both camps. Maine, where I live, has meth labs. Meth labs here in the Hinterland, traveling meth labs no less. Go figure. A noir twist on Good Humor.

Sometimes I just feel like “Fuck it, nobody else cares, why should I?” Yesterday, my friend, John told me we’re just a bunch of hairless monkeys so we can’t expect too much. Technology has advanced far beyond our abilities to comprehend the information available to us. Most of us just scratch ourselves and look for better bananas.

I’ve lived most of my life with less than what I want and, more often than not, with just a little bit less than what I need. I can discern the difference between want and need. I grouse a lot about how hard I work and the fact that, to my way of thinking, we’re just getting by. I spent last Monday through Saturday at this desk for 16-18 hours a day. I’m working, if I weren’t you’d be hearing more from me.

Fossil fuels are going up again. They won’t be coming down. We’re running out of natural resources faster than publicized; whether you want to believe it or not, we are. If we weren’t, the 1%, here, wouldn’t be spending our money on drilling to install vertical geothermal systems in their summer “cottages”. Windmills are sprouting like dandelions and, looking at the Public Utilities Commission website, I see a lot of solar panels have been installed. They know what we don’t want to believe.

It freaks me out to think of the toothbrushes and disposable razors in the landfill, a proportionate number were mine. I used to use razor blades in a conventional razor, then, like the Today sponge, they stopped making razor blades. It’s making me ill to think of where all those Today sponges ended up. They were disposable too. We don’t need to have a conversation about proportion in that regard. Let’s not consider what the residual chemicals are doing to the women who paid for the likely disproportionate convenience.

Now, I notice commercials for women my age and older who may or may not have the inclination to have sex. Apparently, those Viagra bathtub commercials were a huge success but the women are lagging due to declining hormones. The commercials for replacement hormones are enticing. Old broads, grinning like hairless monkeys, as they swirl around the Tv screen, clad in their bed sheets and birthday suits. Have you listened to the side effects? I’d rather take my chances on a hit of purple microdot- okay, not really.

I’m told Affirmative Action is passéBig ruckus over the bigoted basketball team owner, seems he forgot himself and believed his own delusions of grandeur.  The basketball players have negotiated contracts. If affirmative action wasn’t necessary, they’d have real jobs. What ails the attractive young woman who took up with that wrinkly, old windbag? Her life will fly by and she’ll be swirling in her bed sheets, supplementing her waning hormones, wondering why she wasted her youth on money.


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12 Responses to Unbelievable News

  1. Old Jules says:

    Hi elroyjones: Interesting thoughts. I’m generally a happy man but I confess when I run across one of the surprising number of women who took up with this wrinkled old windbag before he was so wrinkled and perhaps windy, it’s unsettling. Those people are getting old without me having to do a damned thing to make it happen. Not like Old Sol. Not in the least. Regards, J

  2. El Guapo says:

    I think your friend John has the right of it.

  3. Good food for thought, if not paranoia. A little hard on hairless monkeys and wrinkled old windbags, however.

    • elroyjones says:

      hahahahahah! Read your comment twice and laughed both times.
      It’s a chore to escape paranoia, I’m always looking over my shoulder and peering around corners to make sure it isn’t following me.

  4. well… you managed to make that funny right at the end…

  5. epiwah says:

    Sounds like you need a vacation. Nov-Jan in the Florida Keys is the cheapest time of year by the way.

    • elroyjones says:

      I love the Keys. My brother lived on Big Pine during the 80s and it was just grand. I love the Everglades too. I do need a vacation but not yet, I have to wait for a little while before I can indulge myself. As always, good to hear from you.

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