Letters to and from Camp

A must read for a good laugh from onemillionexcuses.

One Million Excuses

We dropped our girls off at overnight camp a week ago and have been (im)patiently waiting to hear from them ever since.  It’s the older daughter’s sixth summer at this camp, which is a 5 and a half hour drive from home, but it’s the 9 year old’s first summer away.  We do have “spies” at camp, so we knew they were alive and at least well-ish, but there’s nothing like an actual letter to ease – or awaken – a parents’ fears.  Well, we finally got snail mail from them yesterday and they really are fine.  Both are a bit homesick (they love us, they really love us!), but making friends and having fun.  The way it should be.  We didn’t get the letter we feared, the one that says “I hate it here.  If you don’t pick me up right now, I will run away, contact DCFS, and ask…

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