Saga Concludes

I am so tired. Part of the reason I’m so tired is (you know what’s coming and you know who’s at fault) because my husband didn’t have to do one thing in preparation for the blessed event, he didn’t even have to exert himself to sign the card. Who do you suppose is napping on the couch? Never mind. As long as he’s sleeping he isn’t issuing requests, demands, or directives that no one will pay attention to.

You may recall my alluding to a supernatural forecast back in June. Try not to laugh about the chain of events that led up to the psychic revelation. The happy couple had been to various therapy appointments, one of which included a massage ( they’re stressed and they need to relax and decompress) prior to their individual psychic consultations.

The kids had a close friend, who died in a car accident, while they were in high school. It was a shocking tragedy and an entire community wandered around completely numb. C. Michael was a great kid who used to test my patience to the limit. The boys stayed out after curfew, repeatedly, and I’d wait up angrily for them to come home. C. Michael would flash an Eddie Haskell smile at me and tell me how beautiful my flowers looked or how lovely something or other was or could he please have one of those delicious brownies I’d made and my anger would disappear because he was a lovable, charming kid and his calculated flattery was hard to resist.

During Adam’s reading the psychic told him that he was channeling C. Michael. He said that he’d be at their wedding, that it would be a beautiful day, and there would be a light breeze. He said Adam would know he was there because a bald eagle would make an appearance and the guests would remark on it. My husband and I made light of the whole thing back in June. I told Adam I wouldn’t be able to watch them exchange their vows because I’d be bringing my binoculars for bird watching.

Yesterday began with dire warnings for squalls and winds up to 65mph along the coast. We went to the inn in the morning to help set up. I actually did work, my husband enjoyed a boat ride with the bride’s dad to get ice. Neither of them did a lick of work because the younger men lugged the ice totes. I digress. The weather was less than pleasant and I told the kids not to worry, it would be fine, bad weather would make better stories later.

We came home and I ironed (just to let you know who does everything around here) and we got ready. My husband is under the misconception that chanting “Hurry” in the background is somehow inspirational. We were about 15 minutes ahead of sprinkles on the way back to the inn. The sky looked ominous. Chairs were moved back and forth, in and out of the tent, while we waited to see what the weather would do. We decided to take our chances outside.

As Adam rounded the corner of the inn to take his place at the altar, a bald eagle flew over the assembled guests. As one, the group exclaimed, “Look, a bald eagle!” The clouds parted and bright sun filled the sky. The eagle landed down the beach atop a tall pine and stayed there for the entire length of the ceremony.

It was a beautiful wedding and a lovely weekend.


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5 Responses to Saga Concludes

  1. maesprose says:

    I love that the eagle showed and a good friend was remembered on such a wonderful day!

  2. I loved every minute of this.

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