Commemorating Plates

We, Mr. Jones and I, don’t celebrate much of anything in a big way. Sometimes even a tiny bit of hoopla escapes us. We are embarrassed by too much attention. Maybe we are afflicted by social anxiety. Despite all of those things, there are some occasions that make me so happy I’d like to trumpet the news from the rooftops. Yesterday was our 20th anniversary. We’ve been working a lot and we were too tired to do much. We were asleep by 7.

We bought new Fiestaware, a combination of sunflower and ivory, 4 place settings of each color. My husband likes to be prepared in case someday we entertain more than 4 people at a time. I don’t think so. You can think what you want to, you always do. What are the chances of people from the cosmopolitan world descending on us like locusts at dinner time? It will not happen. We are far flung.

I pondered the new dinnerware prior to purchase. I like to consider all of the advantages and pitfalls before I commit to spending. I loved the old Poppies on Blue. I cut a picture of them out of a flyer when we were newlyweds. We found them at an outlet and I inspected each piece until I found 6 perfect place settings. I suppose there may have been a time or two when we have entertained more than 4 people and for those times I have some mismatched, complementary, special place settings. We’ve eaten off Poppies on Blue for 20 years. That’s a long time, a lot of meals, good, bad, happy, sad.

I asked my husband, repeatedly (in a way that was not at all annoying), if new dishes would make him sad. No, he wouldn’t be sad but will they look good in the loft? There will be no upper cabinets in the kitchen, if we have visitors they will see the dishes. You will too, if winter ever ends and we resume building. Never mind. I chose the colors I did because they will be pretty on the shelves and on the table. We have some young, single people working with us. One of them said he would like to have my Poppies on Blue. I’m happy they’ll have a new home where they will get some use and I will know who is using them.

Like my husband and me, Poppies aren’t quite as fresh as they used to be. I packed them up, 6 dinner plates, six salad plates and 5 bowls. It made me sad. I loved them, they were symbolic of all that I hoped for us when we were beginning our marriage. The Fiestaware represents something different, less hopeful but more substantial I suppose. They’re nice and heavy, I could fling one frisbee style and it might not shatter. I know you’ll be stunned to read this- there have been times in my happy home when hurling dishes was an enticing option. I loved Poppies too much to hurt them.

Twenty years have flown, we’re beginning to look like the old people we will become and I don’t mind a bit. It is likely that these dishes are the last dishes we will buy.  Just before I gave Poppies away I opened the box and took the odd bowl out and put it in the cabinet. I like the reminder of who we were. Yesterday my husband told me something I didn’t know. He told me that the day we got married he worried that I might decide I really didn’t want to. I’m still surprised by that revelation. I never had a doubt.

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5 Responses to Commemorating Plates

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I liked the ending the best…

  2. maesprose says:

    Yes – a big AWWW – I also like that you kept one of the bowls. Just to remember. Happy Anniversary!

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