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Luna Salvation

Last evening my husband made an ill-advised comment that began with “You don’t understand because you don’t have children…” and ended with me making some strategic changes to my advance directive and my obituary, damn straight! My obituary and my … Continue reading


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Marriage Supreme

It is my hope that the courageously optimistic people with plans for wedded bliss will ALL live happily ever after.

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Available Now

Mr. Daybell tells a good story, check it out.

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Hauling Knickers

Don’t drop your knickers. If you must drop your knickers, don’t rush to get married. If you get married, don’t create a business together. If you become entangled in a business venture, don’t engage in any construction projects. If you … Continue reading

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Big Dreams

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Growing Excitement

For redundancy’s sake let’s reiterate a few things. I am resistant to quite a lot, particularly changes that I do not initiate. I am opposed to working as hard as we do. We got into this building project against my … Continue reading

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DP Prompt ~ Eat drink be merry ~ Before

DP Prompt ~ Eat drink be merry ~ Before.  

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Strong Foundations

I woke this morning to an epiphany- my husband and I are making something together. We have a joint financial and emotional interest in our project. There is no line of demarkation between us in the undertaking. My independent heart beats … Continue reading

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We have ended up with the politicians… and the elections… we deserve…

Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:
My joke for the last presidential election was; If you experience an election lasting more than four months, consult your physician immediately. But as much fun as it is to make jokes about…

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Sales Semantics

Everyone and their uncles would like to believe they serve “clients”. Customers are so old school and tacky, not nearly as refined as hoity-toity clients. Spare me. Lawyers and accountants serve clients. Medical professions serve patients. Retailers serve consumers. The … Continue reading

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