We have ended up with the politicians… and the elections… we deserve…

Look no farther than the mirror to find the culprits.

Pouring My Art Out

My joke for the last presidential election was; If you experience an election lasting more than four months, consult your physician immediately. But as much fun as it is to make jokes about electile dysfunction… and to rant about how stupid we are to let it get to the point where candidates can receive unlimited contributions and spend obscene amounts on lying to us, most of which comes from people who have their own agendas… this time I want to focus on how our system has created a whole mess of cookie-cutter, empty-suit talking heads that can’t have their own ideas or opinions because their handlers won’t let them, and we seem to like it that way.

The thing is… and this is a ‘thing’ that sort of scares the crap out of me… but these candidates aren’t real people.

a 1 a 1The words they say were written by other people, and then those…

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