Growing Excitement

For redundancy’s sake let’s reiterate a few things.
I am resistant to quite a lot, particularly changes that I do not initiate.
I am opposed to working as hard as we do.
We got into this building project against my wishes.
My husband is usually right about business; however, I am always right about implementation.

Reader Friends, against my best judgment, I’m getting quite excited! We’re building a warehouse for our business. We will live in a loft apartment upstairs. The steel is going up. Contrary to what you may be thinking, it will be a good change. I will work less because our operations will be in one location. I will begin to delegate! I do not intend to use the interior fire door stairs but rather to commute via the exterior stairs, and walk around the building, to the office door. More information will be accessible to everyone so I will not be working once I’ve left the office for the day. I will once again dress for work. I will like my residence because it will be separate from my office.

This is a close approximation of the view from the kitchen window. The kitchen window will be about 10 feet higher than this but I had a limited amount of time to get my rickety carcass up on the crane while my husband wasn’t looking to snap some pictures before I got caught.

IMG_0142IMG_0144I seeded the earth behind the building with wildflowers indigenous to this part of the country. The building is in the middle of a blueberry patch so a manicured lawn would be silly.



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11 Responses to Growing Excitement

  1. Cue up The Pointer Sisters. 🙂

  2. hanslr says:

    Excited for you, Elroy!

    • elroyjones says:

      I’m trying to pace myself but it’s hard to keep from getting carried away. There will be lots of delays, there always are, so I have to remain patient- like a kid waiting for a new bike!

  3. Peggy says:

    Love, love, love the view. Love the lupines. Love the blueberry field. Love everything about that place. I always did every time I drove by it and I still can’t believe it is YOURS! The world is such a funny place, eh?

  4. maesprose says:

    I’m loving this. The wildflowers are a perfect sustainable solution…. and beautiful too!

  5. I want a warehouse! I don’t even need one… it would just be cool…

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