Luna Salvation

Last evening my husband made an ill-advised comment that began with “You don’t understand because you don’t have children…” and ended with me making some strategic changes to my advance directive and my obituary, damn straight! My obituary and my advance directive are works in progress. I’m not kidding when I say I’ll have a bouncer and a velvet rope as I lay dying. I set the standard for childish reaction, it is my life’s work.

Each June luna moths come here to Hippy Hill. They’re drawn by the light at the steps. I am enchanted by them. This year the birds have attacked them and left nothing but shredded luna wing remains on the steps in the morning. It is a tragic situation that disturbs me. I can’t look.

This morning, as I kissed my husband goodbye, he pointed out two luna moths. We encouraged them to fly away but they wouldn’t. My husband used the grill tool to transport the luna moths, one at a time, to the edge of the woods under some ferns so the bluejays wouldn’t eat them. After he left, I made some adjustments to my documents.


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5 Responses to Luna Salvation

  1. Flexibility is an admirable trait.

  2. awwwww……. oh, and I went to Selfridge’s to research a couple new chapters for the murder mystery you are in… Jess says it needed more romance, so I am sending them on a date.. before she gets murdered… HA!

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