Midday in the Garden of Mediocrity and Mayhem

I enjoyed this post and others on domingosaurusrex, amusing commentary on the human experience.

Not Necessarily About Dinosaurs or Anything Else

Well so far so good on my quest to post a blog every day this month.  Thus far today at least one faithful reader has told me in person they were a little disappointed in yesterday’s offering; (an excerpt from my journal.)  OK I admit it was kind of a cop out,  but in my defense I never really write journal entries with the intention of other people reading them.  PLUS, I did have to work at 3 this morning, and I still took time out to post something.  And don’t be surprised if I do it again.  30 blog posts in 30 days is a lot to expect from someone as frequently unmotivated as I am. (Wait…I just realized there’s 31 days in August.  Fuuuuuuuuck….)  Sometimes 1 blog post in 3 months is too much to ask.  (I feel like I was a little more productive before this…

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