Peasants’ Progress

IMG_0642 IMG_0647 IMG_0653 IMG_0656 IMG_0662IMG_0665There are no stairs so I’m confined to going up the ladder and restricted by the thought of hoisting myself up to the 2nd floor. Hoisting is not so bad, I know I could do it but someone caught me ascending the ladder (without a helmet) and made a very mean spirited, pessimistic prediction about my ability to get back down once I got up on the 2nd floor. He wanted to know if looking out the windows was worth breaking my neck on the cement floor if I fell off the ladder. People don’t need to be so literal about every little thing!

I zoomed the picture of the door, next to the door are the windows over the kitchen sink, the two windows way up high in the wall, in the second row left, are in our bedroom. The sheetrock fire wall is almost up and I am beginning to get excited in earnest.

I have some fun things on my desk here but I don’t think I can take those things to my desk in the warehouse office. I like to keep my fun things at home. I chose the smallest office there; people wonder why, more believable when I say someone else is in charge.


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6 Responses to Peasants’ Progress

  1. Peggy says:

    Looking great! The doors and windows make a world of difference. Next time you ascend the ladder, go commando. That’ll shut them up.

  2. HA! The ladder thing cracked me up. My mother-in-law just bought a new motorhome… and we go camping with her… and we have to use a ladder to climb up into this bunk above the cab of the vehicle… and it ain’t pretty going up or down…

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