Kayla’s Letters 1.2.16


Dear Kayla,

By now you’ve probably heard the 12-step adage, “Take what you need and leave the rest.” I hope you do that throughout your recovery. There are many spiritual, emotional and physical disciplines that may be helpful to you.

I’ve found bits of yoga to help me relax, Eastern religions taught me how to let things go, and Psalms that have been comforting throughout my life. You can tailor your belief system to make your recovery practice work for you. Think about what is most appealing to you and concentrate on that.

You may find that having a good sponsor to partner with you in maintaining your sobriety will be helpful. In the future, you’ll probably want to extend your hand to help someone else in their recovery. I have a good friend who was lost in drugs and booze, spent some time in jail, and is now sober 20 years and a nurse practitioner, something I never would have imagined for her when she was at her worst. It can be done and YOU can do it!

I have a ton of year-end work to do but will write more later when things settle down. Do not get discouraged. Lots of people care about you, and we all believe you will succeed.

Each day is a fresh start on a happy ending.


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