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Why America Needs a Presidential Aptitude Test

By Ned Hickson Today’s political environment is changing. How can ensure our survival? If I’m being honest, I have about as much enthusiasm for our choices in presidential candidates as… Source: Why America Needs a Presidential Aptitude Test

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Okay… now I am ready to rant about Orlando… *(bad words may appear in this post)*

Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:
Yesterday, I published a post called: Rest in pieces… It contained no words, just this image… It is two AR-15’s, the kind of gun used in Orlando, in the form of a cross.…

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Veterans’ Views

In the past little while, a month maybe six weeks, time escapes me (it flees), we’ve worked with a couple of veterans. They’re veterans of wars that never were, Iran and Afghanistan. Congress has not made a declaration of war … Continue reading

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Trash Floats

A long time ago I loved the idea of someone who grew up to be a PhD (piled high and deep). Sometimes I make an electronic fly by to see how he’s doing. He has a 2nd wife, also a … Continue reading

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Anyone Anytime

Joan Baez is on PBS tonight, Diamonds and Rust, 75 years old, can that be right? Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Tangled Up in Blue, which brings us to the Bob Dylan Republican. There’s a soft spot in my heart for … Continue reading

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Lingering Loiterers

Just to let you know (I preface questionable news with that same statement for my husband) Hippy Hall is sometimes more like Hippy Hell. My husband is a workaholic and a fucking entrepeneur extraordinaire. Oh, and by the way I’m … Continue reading

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How’s your day… a poem… I suppose…

Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:
How’s your day? Is it an okay day? Is it a hooray day? Is it a yay day or a gray day? Is it a play day, a lay by the bay day?…

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Bert & Ida

My siblings and I grew up in a working class community, one of the last strongholds of the east coast fish cannery industry. We were lucky because we were raised by two generations of educators and influenced by an assortment … Continue reading

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