How’s your day… a poem… I suppose…

Arthur channels the incomparable Dr. in a sweet poem about the variety of days.

Pouring My Art Out

How’s your day?

Is it an okay day?

Is it a hooray day?

Is it a yay day or a gray day?

Is it a play day, a lay by the bay day?

Is it a nerves that fray kind of a day?

Is it a heyday?

Is it a payday?

Is it an I just may day, or a no way day?

Is it a going away day, or an I think I’ll stay day?

Is it a you day, or a they day?

Is it a feel like you are on display day?

Is it an overwhelmed with pure dismay day?

Is it a  you have nothing much to say day?

Or a talk without delay day?

I know it isn’t an easy thing to weigh, but I am very curious about your day…

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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