Trash Floats

A long time ago I loved the idea of someone who grew up to be a PhD (piled high and deep). Sometimes I make an electronic fly by to see how he’s doing. He has a 2nd wife, also a PhD, with her own business and accomplishments (no kids, a brief previous marriage). That makes me happy, they match.

From what I gather, they’ve retired. Yup happy, like to see people getting what they’ve worked for. They bought a sailboat, not the teensiest bit envious- older, decrepit, two back surgeries, tired.

If Gawd were real, we’d get some help. They see plastic trash, floating or semi-submerged, every 3-4 minutes. I don’t like it one bit.






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1 Response to Trash Floats

  1. wait… gawd is supposed to pick up our trash??? HA!

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