Okay… now I am ready to rant about Orlando… *(bad words may appear in this post)*

Arthur makes many valid points in one post, while he curses. He’s usually so polite and mild mannered… .

Pouring My Art Out

Yesterday, I published a post called: Rest in pieces…

It contained no words, just this image…

a 1

It is two AR-15’s, the kind of gun used in Orlando, in the form of a cross. The title was a pun, of sorts, because a ‘piece’ is American slang for a gun.

I thought the post was powerful, subtle, and rather deep. It didn’t get many responses. Maybe it was too subtle. The thing is… and this is a real thing with me… but I am sometimes afraid to let those crazy crack squirrels that live in my head start getting too worked up… because I never know what they are going to make me type. Sometimes, if I give them a day or two to calm down, it works out better for all of us… but they are up there… in my head… chanting the word ‘Orlando’ over and over. I have…

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