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2016 republican runner and riders

Originally posted on new friends, better friends:
right I’m off to work thought I might monger a bit of war you got cake in for later?    Tom Cotton is the junior senator from Arkansas and my new favourite republican hero-star. When he is not…

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Absurdly Random

Planning, purchasing, and building is wearing on me. I am not a shopper. I have a tendency to view acquisition through the lens of existentialism, no one owns the rock. We are absurd to believe that our proprietary attitudes affect … Continue reading

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Taking Turns

A week and a half ago- Today, I’ve been taught a little lesson, a lesson I’d prefer not to have learned. My husband is much maligned and under-appreciated on this blog. In real life, he is spoiled beyond belief and … Continue reading

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Commemorating Plates

We, Mr. Jones and I, don’t celebrate much of anything in a big way. Sometimes even a tiny bit of hoopla escapes us. We are embarrassed by too much attention. Maybe we are afflicted by social anxiety. Despite all of … Continue reading

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Voodoo Love Song, Chapter 1

Voodoo Love Song, Chapter 1. Let’s read along with Richard. It’s cheaper than a vacation, all the fun and none of the expense!

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Enlightenment Rules

Happy New Year. There now that we’ve dispensed with the niceties let’s get on with it. I’ve been enlightened since the last time I posted. It’s been evolutionary self-enlightenment. First, my much maligned and under-appreciated husband, who canNOT seem to … Continue reading

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The Ladies Room is Anything But(t)

Originally posted on The English Major: A Dramedy:
It was a Friday night and I needed to use the bathroom. We were at a minor league softball game, and the toilets were inside a trailer. That already spelled trouble. If…

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