Coerced Acknowledgments

I am grateful for years of faithful reading, undying support and continuing confidence expressed by Peggy Stevens, who is my #1FF. She may not be entirely objective; however, her taste is IMPECCABLE.

Michelle, too, receives recognition because I’ll never hear the end of it if she isn’t mentioned.

Equally deserving is my husband, who has not read one word I have written but has enjoyed hearing the parts about him. He loves me because he knows exactly who I am.


3 Responses to Coerced Acknowledgments

  1. Hilarious.
    If you had any pets, you would have to acknowledge them too!
    And rain.
    And the flowers that look so amazingly beautiful in the heading of the blog.

  2. Amy says:

    Can I get an honorable mention?? Ha ha. XO

  3. Michelle says:

    Not enough said about me, me WONDERFUL me, in my humble opinion!

    Love you Lots!!!!!

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