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Rude Ridiculous Romney

I don’t know who first said “ain’t got no couth” but it was a favored family expression to describe the obvious when I was growing up. I watched the debate last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rmoney “ain’t … Continue reading

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Wealthy Support

We went for a drive through a coastal refuge for America’s elite this afternoon. I was not surprised to see lawn signs supporting Romney, would be CEO of the USA, but I was floored by the number of them. They … Continue reading

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Middle Class Strength

If you have a moment or two, it shouldn’t take much longer than that, please take a look at Governor Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class. Energy independence is his first priority. It looks like he’d like to rollback … Continue reading

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No Apathy

We owe it to ourselves to look out for each other. Another profound offering from Moyers & Company- http://billmoyers.com/episode/full-show-capitalism’s-‘sacrifice-zones’/

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Future Saved

If we squirrel away $360k in the next twenty years (that’s $1,500 a month) and we include our existing savings with our estimated Social Security we’ll have $3,500 a month to live on for twenty years. I cannot be bothered … Continue reading

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Rich People

I live in an area that is the seasonal home to affluence. Families with money- cold, hard cash out the wazoo- have had tasteful cottages here for generations. We are among the working class that provides services to those people. … Continue reading

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Campaign Entertainment

A Ry Cooder tune. Mutt Romney Blues  

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Cruel Conservatives

The College Conservative blog has a post titled My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform. The second sentence says it all, “I spent hours upon hours toiling away at a register, scanning, bagging, and dealing with questionable clientele.” Oh pahleeze, … Continue reading

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Walmart Wealth

Just 6 Walmart heirs have as much wealth as 30% of Americans. Perhaps, the heirs are altruistic individuals contributing generously to the well-being of their fellow man… in China. Keeping the Bush tax cuts in place for the wealthiest Americans … Continue reading

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Infamous Date

December 7, 1941- “a date which will live in infamy”. On Monday, I was in line behind an elderly woman at a local store when SOMEHOW we began a conversation that included recognition of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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