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Time Share

You may recall that I’m always trying to escape from here to get Somewhere Else and not just Anywhere Else. The major compulsion in the strain to escape is that time is the only priceless commodity I have. It is … Continue reading

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Vision I

His face was beet red and bloated. His whiskers and sideburns had some grey in them. I watched him while he talked on his cell phone in the bus station. He told his friend he’d spent the season working with … Continue reading

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Barenaked Ladies with Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Barenaked Ladies sounds so lascivious. Don’t you worry, it’s intentionally misleading. In May, I’ll go Somewhere Else for a few days for a family event. Later in the summer, I’m going to see Barenaked Ladies, Big Head Todd, Blues Traveler, … Continue reading


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Unorthodox Proposals

When I was in high school, one of my teachers asked me if I would have a baby for her and her new husband. She wanted to pay me $10k, which was a tremendous amount of money back then. Ten … Continue reading

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Breathe Deep

My childhood was spent near the edge of the Bay of Fundy, climbing rocky ledges and roaming vast mud flats. The river, I live on now, flows south as a tidal estuary. The scenes and smells of an ebbing tide elicit … Continue reading

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River Walk

Caution in relation to the self often escapes me. On the way to the post office my attention was diverted by the river behind the library. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the river through the library window. … Continue reading

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Portland Plugs

I bought a little camera during my 51 hour respite. I had some difficulty operating it when I wanted to take a picture of my favorite Portland sculpture, Victor Cahill’s The Maine Lobsterman. It was my great good fortune to … Continue reading

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Oddly Proper

Peter was a parody of a man. He grew up in Papua, New Guinea. His parents were post WWII expatriots from the U.K. His favorite word was proper; as in “the proper way of doing things.” The Higgins character on Magnum PI must have been modeled after … Continue reading

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Fun Run

A large portion of my life has been enormously fun. I have been acutely aware of the good times while I was having them; I knew the exact moments when the world was my oyster. Recently, I heard someone from my past … Continue reading

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Miss Perception

I have a terrible malady. People I encounter live wildly, interesting lives- in my imagination. When reality strikes it can be devastating. I once loved a man, who is now a Republican of all things. The entire time I adored him, I confused … Continue reading

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