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Father McGeary

Father McGeary had been a navy chaplain and the chaplain at a women’s jail and detention center before he was assigned to the parish. He looked just like a stereotypical Southie mick because that’s who he was. He was the … Continue reading

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Nonexistent Plan

I’m not a radical atheist. Everyone believes in something.  The belief that god, or anyone else, has a plan for this existence confounds me. If there is a god then where did it originate? We create our understanding of existence based … Continue reading

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Television Salvation

My husband has wanted a TV in the bedroom for our entire marriage; well, almost, there was that euphoric newlywed term where he thought we’d whoopee forever. He’s almost fully recovered from that psychotic episode. So we’ve been here on … Continue reading

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One Good Turn

Nuances of youth cause me to think, “Oh well, I had my turn.” It was a long turn but not too long. I don’t want to go back, I made the turn count. Every once in a while as I … Continue reading

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Lifeless Mind

Oh my freakin’ head! Okay, I made a mistake. Oops, I meant another mistake. I have a FB page complete with alias, being deeply embedded in the internet undercover protection program requires dedication. I get a lot of political junk email, … Continue reading

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Death Penalty

It pains me to know that we have not evolved past the need for the death penalty. My heart hurts for Troy Davis, because there was no conclusive physical evidence in his conviction, as much as it hurts for James … Continue reading

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Practical Wow

One of my business friends is married to the lawyer, who represents our business interests. There isn’t a whole lot to it really, drafting documents and sending invoices for what would seem like large amounts if I didn’t realize that … Continue reading

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Saving Sense

I attended a religious service over the weekend and was struck, yet again, by what an exclusive, clubby environment organized religion fosters. The service happened to a be a Christian one and the clergyman reiterated that the requirement for salvation is … Continue reading

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People, I grew up with, have begun to die. Sometimes the deaths are shockingly unexpected. In my own little domestic bubble, we have both lost family and friends who were deeply and truly loved. Our parents and grandparents have made their … Continue reading

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