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No There

I wouldn’t be a Bradley Manning sympathizer if the US government conducted its business with just a smidge of integrity. In surfing the net for material to aid my One Woman War Against Practically Everything- you name it, I’m against … Continue reading

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Peace Guardians

From Mairead Corrigan-Macguire at The Guardian– “Last week at Manning’s trial, the public learned that at the time Manning released his information, WikiLeaks stated they wanted to publish “the concealed documents or recordings most sought after by a country’s journalists, … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Up

Excerpted from Chase Madar on huffingpost.com–“Our government secrecy fetishists invest their security clearances (held by an elite coterie of4.8 million people) and the information security (InfoSec) regime they continue to elaborate with all sorts of protective powers over life and limb.  … Continue reading

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Snow Job

I don’t agree with the espionage charge against Edward Snowden. His release of classified information, information that is not purported to be particularly important but does confirm what we’ve suspected all along, the US government utilizes the means at its … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning UCMJ Court Martial

Bradley Manning is facing court martial under the UCMJ. I am of conflicting opinions in the matter. I believe, strongly, that one serves one’s country in joining the armed forces- “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and … Continue reading

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