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Waterfront Memories

My husband was with me when I was away. He saw the things I see when I’m gone. He knows I visit our past because I can’t bear to lose it as it changes with time. We miss the working … Continue reading

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Hiatus…that’s what I’d name my boat.

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Cutler Harbor

I went to Cutler today. I haven’t been there in close to 30 years. It hasn’t changed much. I’m glad. I don’t like things changing when I’m not looking. The view tugs insistently at my heart. It’s the world I … Continue reading

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Working Waterfront

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Smiling Forever

I was introduced to Oakley on a summer afternoon when we took a voyage on a Tahiti ketch, owned by a mutual friend, to an island in the bay. Seeing Oakley smile was like watching the sun rise. His smile … Continue reading

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