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Lawn Poop

  Good Gawd!!! There is so MUCH that annoys me at this moment. I’d like to cry in frustration and rage that The Donald is the very best the GOP can do. “They” must have the lowest possible opinion of … Continue reading

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Sales Semantics

Everyone and their uncles would like to believe they serve “clients”. Customers are so old school and tacky, not nearly as refined as hoity-toity clients. Spare me. Lawyers and accountants serve clients. Medical professions serve patients. Retailers serve consumers. The … Continue reading


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Evaluating Class

You know we’re self employed and some of our customers are the upper echelon of society. Yes, the selfsame 1%. I am the Great and Powerful Oz of this operation so we do not budge without a contract. I’ve told you that my … Continue reading

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Urban Gardens

I had a brief adventure while I was gone. It is my habit to get up and out into the world as the sun rises. It makes my heart happy to wander around unsupervised. I took these pictures at 6A … Continue reading

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Ceaseless Wonders

NEVER give up. Never. I emailed HUD cc the governor and legislators. I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t hear a peep. I called my new friend, the woman, to let her know what I had done and the emerging … Continue reading

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Paying Attention

We really need to pay attention to government function. Each time I watch the evening news, I wonder what it is that government doesn’t want me to know that excessive coverage is being devoted to secondary concerns. Admittedly, our society … Continue reading

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One of my earliest memories is of halyards clanging against masts at a marina on the Connecticut shore. I was definitely younger than eight. I don’t have a recollection of my little brothers in that episode of my life so … Continue reading

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Sequestration Petition

A petition whose time has come; please sign it. “Any across-the-board pay cuts for federal employees must include the same pay cuts for all members of Congress and the President of the United States.” http://pac.signon.org/sign/paycuts-for-congress-1.fb23?source=s.fb&r_by=630631

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My View

I grew up on the east coast. My family lived about 100 feet from the water. My husband’s family home was in the same proximity to the bay. We can’t afford to live on the ocean now. We work for … Continue reading

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Big Bird: Another Middle Finger To The Base

Big Bird: Another Middle Finger To The Base. I laughed out loud. All is not lost, we still have a sense of humor. Thanks, Doug.

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