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Death for Dadah

Over 30 years ago when I was traveling in SE Asia, I was scared by the awareness that, in many of the countries I visited, a death sentence was imposed for possession of drugs. There were big signs declaring Death … Continue reading

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Back View

“You spent 23.75 hours of the day engaged in other things. Something to consider: kids nowadays are big into the hook up, just like in the 70s. Sex amongst friends is considered the very best way to go these days … Continue reading

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Garden and Gun

Garden and Gun. Please read this. It gave me goosebumps.

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Urban Gardens

I had a brief adventure while I was gone. It is my habit to get up and out into the world as the sun rises. It makes my heart happy to wander around unsupervised. I took these pictures at 6A … Continue reading

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Exposed Privates

As humiliating as it is to admit it, I will. I’ve been bamboozled not once but twice by the same man. It’s the first time in the History of Elroy that a good looking man has gotten one over on … Continue reading

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First & Last

I’ve been ignoring the AP subpeonas. I don’t know if I can summon the energy to care. It’s just another Trojan horse, built to convince us we’re losing something that’s already gone. A few people have bought and paid for … Continue reading


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Time Share

You may recall that I’m always trying to escape from here to get Somewhere Else and not just Anywhere Else. The major compulsion in the strain to escape is that time is the only priceless commodity I have. It is … Continue reading

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Transcending Hate

The discourse surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings knots my stomach. I don’t understand how the brothers could target strangers. It is not possible to reconcile those actions and the permanent consequences they will have on hundreds of lives. I may … Continue reading

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The Cure

Obama is BACK! He hit his stride today. RMoney does not flip-flop, no the poor dear has a condition, a pre-existing chronic condition- Romnesia. Not to worry, President Obama assures us it is covered under ObamaCare and can be cured … Continue reading

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Different Views

I like to go Somewhere Else from time to time. The first time I lived Somewhere Else, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I hated to think my life had become so limited. I moved away from, and … Continue reading

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