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Bert & Ida

My siblings and I grew up in a working class community, one of the last strongholds of the east coast fish cannery industry. We were lucky because we were raised by two generations of educators and influenced by an assortment … Continue reading

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Strong Foundations

I woke this morning to an epiphany- my husband and I are making something together. We have a joint financial and emotional interest in our project. There is no line of demarkation between us in the undertaking. My independent heart beats … Continue reading

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Communicating Comfort

I do not like my cell phone. It is the enemy. The only reason I have it is because a few years ago, before my life was ruined by constant communication, my husband was overdue fishing on a lake and I … Continue reading

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Tyrannical Freedom

I watched Glenn Greenwald on Moyers & Company last night. Government decides what is best for us. The ever complicit media tells us what to think, how to feel, and what to accept. Martial law was enacted in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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With Love

Themes run through my life. The universe tries to show me things that I am not receptive to seeing. In an absolutely egotistical application, I enjoy believing that my way is the better way. Yes, I do. I always have; … Continue reading

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Tanner’s Sister

Yesterday, on my walk to town, I saw the mom from my little family. They are mine. They’re like flowers in a garden. I love to watch them grow. She slowed to a stop when she met me on our … Continue reading

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Happiness Continues

There are stories that are not mine to tell; stories that must remain untold, lest someone is injured. Happily there are also stories that can be manipulated in such a way as to protect the innocent. My niece came with … Continue reading

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Happiness Appears

Let’s get the preface out of the way; perhaps, in the future we can all take it for granted. I have been working very hard. I’ve been doing some cool things. Our business has a website, which was fine for … Continue reading

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Birthday Thoughts

Today is John’s birthday. The other day he mentioned that he socializes through his blog. I was eating polenta and pistachios (not mixed together) for lunch today, staring out the kitchen window, thinking of John and Julian’s blue vase collection … Continue reading


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Sugar Substitute

I’m taking a sugar holiday. No treats. Very sad. I love sugar, especially chocolate flavored sugar. Like a patient losing the benefit of a drug’s efficacy, it’s good for me to be off sugar for a month so it will … Continue reading

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