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Perfecting Perfection

It’s fun to have something on the horizon to look forward to. Elsewise, the ennui of too much muchness is suffocating. Lately, I have adopted a better attitude regarding unrelenting work. The point of the endeavor is to help my … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Picnic

When I was a little girl, any time I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my hand, and I was outside, it was a picnic. We lived on the water. On warm evenings, my mother made sandwiches, tuna or … Continue reading

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Clam Cluster

Saturday was a cluster. There was a ton of work to be done in a snafu of notable proportion. The day began as something less than fun. Just to let you know, my butt has been attached to this chair … Continue reading

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Automated Response

Don’t send email to my office; I’m away. The automated response is more deliciously satisfying than its harried cousin, delete-delete-delete. Tomorrow I will be Somewhere Else.

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Not yet

My husband is fishing. I am working. There is no inequity in this picture. We don’t have the luxury of a set schedule. Opportunity must be seized when it presents itself. I am practically manic with joy on my husband’s behalf. … Continue reading

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Barenaked Ladies with Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Barenaked Ladies sounds so lascivious. Don’t you worry, it’s intentionally misleading. In May, I’ll go Somewhere Else for a few days for a family event. Later in the summer, I’m going to see Barenaked Ladies, Big Head Todd, Blues Traveler, … Continue reading

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Tanner is seven. I cannot describe the summersault my heart does when I approach his house and he looks up from whatever he’s doing to greet me matter of factly, as an equal, “Hi Elroy.” I’ve been watching him grow … Continue reading

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Herding Goats

I am always astonished to be reminded that I was not at the party alone. Some of my memory lapse is due to the contradiction of the reality of the carcass in comparison to the youth residing within. Yesterday, I … Continue reading

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Feeling Fifty

Just before my mother’s 70th birthday we talked on the phone and I said, “Just think Mum, in 5 years I’ll be 50 and you’ll be 75.” She did not respond and I knew then that she knew she would … Continue reading

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Single Sally

My sister, a woman of a certain age, was lamenting her single status today. She expressed disinterest in the energy depleting task of repeating her basic history, yet again, to a prospective companion. I made a helpful suggestion, “Have him … Continue reading

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