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Lawn Poop

  Good Gawd!!! There is so MUCH that annoys me at this moment. I’d like to cry in frustration and rage that The Donald is the very best the GOP can do. “They” must have the lowest possible opinion of … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Views

In the past little while, a month maybe six weeks, time escapes me (it flees), we’ve worked with a couple of veterans. They’re veterans of wars that never were, Iran and Afghanistan. Congress has not made a declaration of war … Continue reading

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Death for Dadah

Over 30 years ago when I was traveling in SE Asia, I was scared by the awareness that, in many of the countries I visited, a death sentence was imposed for possession of drugs. There were big signs declaring Death … Continue reading

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Ceaseless Wonders

NEVER give up. Never. I emailed HUD cc the governor and legislators. I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t hear a peep. I called my new friend, the woman, to let her know what I had done and the emerging … Continue reading

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Poverty Profits

A peek into what occupies my time at work- Dear Governor and Esteemed Bureaucrats: I have been contacted by an impoverished, disabled, functionally illiterate, mother who tells me she has been directed by someone at HUD to call us for … Continue reading

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Equality Lives

Hello Equality, good riddance DOMA. I am happy to know that everyone (everyone as federal law applies and everyone in the enlightened states that don’t discriminate, that is) will be able to enjoy the same contractual protections and responsibilities afforded by … Continue reading


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Snow Job

I don’t agree with the espionage charge against Edward Snowden. His release of classified information, information that is not purported to be particularly important but does confirm what we’ve suspected all along, the US government utilizes the means at its … Continue reading

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Exposed Privates

As humiliating as it is to admit it, I will. I’ve been bamboozled not once but twice by the same man. It’s the first time in the History of Elroy that a good looking man has gotten one over on … Continue reading

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American Masters

“The documentary film Dirty Wars opens Friday in NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. and in other cities nationwide over the coming weeks. We can’t recommend this film enough; it is a perfect example of the kind of courage we desperately need … Continue reading

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Sleeping Protocol

It has come to my attention that there is a tremendous need for rules and regulations in sleep habits. It is my understanding that random bed checks will be made. Kindly familiarize yourselves with the following rules so that we … Continue reading

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