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Love’s Force

My husband and I are in diametric opposition to quite a lot. Sometimes we surprise each other and ourselves. *Spoiler alert- do not buy Marvin push out windows if you live in an area of high wind velocity. Those windows … Continue reading

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Creative Developments

I’ve never owned a home or real estate. Well, almost never, after Mum died I owned the house we grew up in and a time share, with my siblings, until we sold them. I’ve never wanted to possess a title … Continue reading

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Happy Endings

I met a well-known artist. His engagement and wedding were announced in TNYT. I had no idea he was married until I googled. In fact, he’s a gentleman of a certain age so I thought that perhaps I could arrange … Continue reading

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Being VIP

Sometimes it’s very good to be me. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. In March of 2012 I bought concert tickets to see Bare Naked Ladies and Big Head Todd in the Last Summer on Earth tour. … Continue reading

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Growing Excitement

For redundancy’s sake let’s reiterate a few things. I am resistant to quite a lot, particularly changes that I do not initiate. I am opposed to working as hard as we do. We got into this building project against my … Continue reading

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Undercover Shiner

I have a black eye. I’m sure you know whose fault it is. As you may recall, I was opposed to bedroom television. I knew it was one of the leading causes of death, dismemberment, and black eyes every year. Someone, … Continue reading

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Absurdly Random

Planning, purchasing, and building is wearing on me. I am not a shopper. I have a tendency to view acquisition through the lens of existentialism, no one owns the rock. We are absurd to believe that our proprietary attitudes affect … Continue reading

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Taking Turns

A week and a half ago- Today, I’ve been taught a little lesson, a lesson I’d prefer not to have learned. My husband is much maligned and under-appreciated on this blog. In real life, he is spoiled beyond belief and … Continue reading

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Commemorating Plates

We, Mr. Jones and I, don’t celebrate much of anything in a big way. Sometimes even a tiny bit of hoopla escapes us. We are embarrassed by too much attention. Maybe we are afflicted by social anxiety. Despite all of … Continue reading

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Crazy Irony

It’s been crazier than usual around here. In the great State of Maine, where voter turnout was the highest in the nation, we rolled over Republican. I’ve been knitting up a storm just like Madame Defarge. Well, maybe not exactly like … Continue reading

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