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Saga Continues

Okay, I’ll say it just once for posterity’s sake. I am stubborn sometimes, and resistant, and rigid, and possibly mistaken but there is no definitive evidence to suggest that I am wrong. Rehearsal dinner was an inclusive success. As you … Continue reading

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Lean On

My how things have changed. Admittedly, I have always been somewhat unorthodox. I am missing the mani-pedi gene. I remember the freezing cold, startlingly bright, sunny February day when we got married. I was standing on a corner outside the … Continue reading

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Last Words

My only remaining brother, A.B., owes a small debt to me. I make interest free loans to my siblings from time to time, unlike my sister, the loan shark, who charges 100% interest. I’d like to have the money he … Continue reading

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Appreciating Luck

From the kitchen at 4:30A- “Are you getting up?” From the bedroom- “Yup, I love you!” From the kitchen- “Sure you do, get up then.” From the shop at 6:30A- “You aren’t going to try to move that chair downstairs … Continue reading

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Urban Gardens

I had a brief adventure while I was gone. It is my habit to get up and out into the world as the sun rises. It makes my heart happy to wander around unsupervised. I took these pictures at 6A … Continue reading

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Equality Lives

Hello Equality, good riddance DOMA. I am happy to know that everyone (everyone as federal law applies and everyone in the enlightened states that don’t discriminate, that is) will be able to enjoy the same contractual protections and responsibilities afforded by … Continue reading

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Going Coastal

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Marriage Insider

Marriage is not a long running Adulation Festival, whereby you are the rock star and your spouse is the groupie. It doesn’t work like that. No matter how great you think your spouse thinks you are, eventually your ugly little … Continue reading

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Somewhere Sights


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Different Worlds

A long time ago in a world far, far, away there lived two best friends. They were girls whose families had migrated, to the rural community where they met, from Somewhere Else. In 1976, just a few years after Roe … Continue reading

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