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Lawn Poop

  Good Gawd!!! There is so MUCH that annoys me at this moment. I’d like to cry in frustration and rage that The Donald is the very best the GOP can do. “They” must have the lowest possible opinion of … Continue reading

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Trash Floats

A long time ago I loved the idea of someone who grew up to be a PhD (piled high and deep). Sometimes I make an electronic fly by to see how he’s doing. He has a 2nd wife, also a … Continue reading

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Lingering Loiterers

Just to let you know (I preface questionable news with that same statement for my husband) Hippy Hall is sometimes more like Hippy Hell. My husband is a workaholic and a fucking entrepeneur extraordinaire. Oh, and by the way I’m … Continue reading

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Creative Developments

I’ve never owned a home or real estate. Well, almost never, after Mum died I owned the house we grew up in and a time share, with my siblings, until we sold them. I’ve never wanted to possess a title … Continue reading

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Autumn Nuances

It’s October. Fall has arrived. Once vibrant summer gardens are subdued and refined in contrast to the tree foliage. A slower pace has been adopted in the hinterland, allowing conspiracy theories to travel Main Street and beyond. I have been … Continue reading

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Empire Security

A downtown friend recently divulged that he and his wife have worked only part time for the last 16 years. They enjoy themselves when they’re not working. They have a garden and they go kayaking. They meander and daydream. They … Continue reading

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Hauling Knickers

Don’t drop your knickers. If you must drop your knickers, don’t rush to get married. If you get married, don’t create a business together. If you become entangled in a business venture, don’t engage in any construction projects. If you … Continue reading


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Growing Excitement

For redundancy’s sake let’s reiterate a few things. I am resistant to quite a lot, particularly changes that I do not initiate. I am opposed to working as hard as we do. We got into this building project against my … Continue reading

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Sales Semantics

Everyone and their uncles would like to believe they serve “clients”. Customers are so old school and tacky, not nearly as refined as hoity-toity clients. Spare me. Lawyers and accountants serve clients. Medical professions serve patients. Retailers serve consumers. The … Continue reading

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Undercover Shiner

I have a black eye. I’m sure you know whose fault it is. As you may recall, I was opposed to bedroom television. I knew it was one of the leading causes of death, dismemberment, and black eyes every year. Someone, … Continue reading

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