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Absurdly Random

Planning, purchasing, and building is wearing on me. I am not a shopper. I have a tendency to view acquisition through the lens of existentialism, no one owns the rock. We are absurd to believe that our proprietary attitudes affect … Continue reading

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Taking Turns

A week and a half ago- Today, I’ve been taught a little lesson, a lesson I’d prefer not to have learned. My husband is much maligned and under-appreciated on this blog. In real life, he is spoiled beyond belief and … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Rules

Happy New Year. There now that we’ve dispensed with the niceties let’s get on with it. I’ve been enlightened since the last time I posted. It’s been evolutionary self-enlightenment. First, my much maligned and under-appreciated husband, who canNOT seem to … Continue reading

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Crazy Irony

It’s been crazier than usual around here. In the great State of Maine, where voter turnout was the highest in the nation, we rolled over Republican. I’ve been knitting up a storm just like Madame Defarge. Well, maybe not exactly like … Continue reading

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Sisyphus’s Rock

I haven’t changed one bit since the last time I posted. In fact, I am more like me than I ever was. All this in spite of the fact that things around me are are changing. I may or may … Continue reading

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Desperate Pleas

Please keep me from killing my husband today. Please help me be nice to him even though he’s driving me crazy. Please don’t allow my editorial thoughts to escape the filter and become indelible words. Please remind me that I don’t … Continue reading

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Last Words

My only remaining brother, A.B., owes a small debt to me. I make interest free loans to my siblings from time to time, unlike my sister, the loan shark, who charges 100% interest. I’d like to have the money he … Continue reading

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Daybell’s Freebie

Richard Daybell has a free, and we do love free, copy of Naughty Marietta available. Visit his blog to meet some of his characters and to hook up with the free link.

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Without Words

It’s the same old story. We’ve been working our tails off. I’ve lost count of how many weekends we’ve worked through or how many hours I put in through the course of a work day. We’re working like sweatshop slaves. … Continue reading

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Ned Hickson Columnist

Phase two of my book promo plan: Anonymous surveillance photos of recipients. Ned is a humor columnist. His posts are funny and he seems to be a really nice guy. He favors sturdy, sensible, orthopedic pumps.

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