Just Can’t

30 June 2013 There are, were, six siblings  in my family; three boys and three girls. I am the eldest. In childhood, it was my responsibility to care for my younger sisters and brothers, often to distract our lunatic father … Continue reading

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Individually Independent

You don’t want to hear this again, I know you don’t. That won’t stop me. For a while I forgot who I was/am. I need new bras and a shower curtain. I spend more time devising ways to keep people … Continue reading

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Trash Floats

A long time ago I loved the idea of someone who grew up to be a PhD (piled high and deep). Sometimes I make an electronic fly by to see how he’s doing. He has a 2nd wife, also a … Continue reading

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My Princess

I have favorites. I know, shocking and scandalous! All of us know people we like more than others, let’s not pretend otherwise. Recently, we attended a very small home wedding. Today, during my union break, I looked through a correspondence … Continue reading

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Hauling Knickers

Don’t drop your knickers. If you must drop your knickers, don’t rush to get married. If you get married, don’t create a business together. If you become entangled in a business venture, don’t engage in any construction projects. If you … Continue reading


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Dear Nasty Prospective Customer

Dear Nasty Prospective Customer: You are most often right. I am subservient to you and, during business hours, I acknowledge your superiority. You don’t need me but since I like to be able to eat and purchase toilet paper, I … Continue reading

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Back View

“You spent 23.75 hours of the day engaged in other things. Something to consider: kids nowadays are big into the hook up, just like in the 70s. Sex amongst friends is considered the very best way to go these days … Continue reading

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Nurturing Lessons

My niece is getting a bicycle for Mother’s Day. Her mom, my sister, has been celebrating Mother’s Day, by buying my niece a present, ever since my niece was a very young child, who came home in tears because she’d … Continue reading

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Somewhere Sights


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Tyrannical Freedom

I watched Glenn Greenwald on Moyers & Company last night. Government decides what is best for us. The ever complicit media tells us what to think, how to feel, and what to accept. Martial law was enacted in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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