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Uncomfortable Observations

My brother is very funny. He has a Foghorn Leghorn voice he uses to offer ironic commentary. His wife is Thai so is his son. He is a teacher. He is a hunter too. He called yesterday. We talked about … Continue reading

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Personal Responsibility

It seems that personal responsibility would foster social responsibility. Accepting, in most cases, an individual’s actions will have an impact beyond the individual, I believe that most individuals will choose to avoid or at least mitigate harm to others. Taking … Continue reading


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Strong Similarities

I try every single day to keep my ego in check. I like to be right but not to the degree that I am willing to allow my passions to steamroll logic. Yesterday, I had a little lapse. I visited a … Continue reading

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Internment for the 4th

The United States Supreme Court, on April 2, 2012, upheld strip searches and bodily cavity searches for those arrested or detained without requiring probable cause or reasonable belief for those searches. http://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/florence-v-board-of-chosen-freeholders-of-the-county-of-burlington You know from past rants that I am … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood

It is a disappointment to see the Susan G. Komen Foundation withdraw support for Planned Parenthood under political pressure. As a POOR (although I didn’t recognize myself as being poor, perpetually broke yes, poor no, I had enough to eat, … Continue reading

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Poor Purge

There is a war on poverty in the U.S., more accurately there is a war against the poor. From the attack on Planned Parenthood and the free services it provides to women and men, old and young, to Newtie’s insulting … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Barney

Barney Frank is smart and concise, some might say rude. None of us have time to waste on people who clutter the air with extraneous words. I respect Frank’s ability to cut to the chase. I admire his talent for … Continue reading

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News Flash?

Reuters reports that our esteemed Congress of Charlatans is unlikely to investigate what service Newt Gingrich provided to Freddie Mac. Truly? I don’t want Congress wasting any more of my tax dollars on what is readily discernible by the most … Continue reading

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Scathing Criticism

The following link was sent to me today. The criticism made me uncomfortable because it  describes the disgrace of my generation and our overall failure. It is an enlightening commentary. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/guest-voices/post/penn-state-my-final-loss-of-faith/2011/11/11/gIQAwmiIDN_blog.html?hpid=z8  

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40 Years of BS

If things have changed in the past 40 years, they haven’t improved at all. My mother used to tell me, before she died (I’d be receptive to a conversation now but it is an unlikely event), that she was worried … Continue reading

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