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Taking Turns

Yesterday, I saw a friend from the health food store. We had a conversation about mothers, hers and mine. Her grandmother died in December at age 99. Her mother will be 70 this year and she’s spent the last bunch … Continue reading

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Old Letters

My youngest sister found a small packet of letters, I sent to Mum in 1986 when I was in the Coast Guard, among her things. She threatened promised to send them to me. They arrived yesterday. I opened the first one … Continue reading

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Different Views

I like to go Somewhere Else from time to time. The first time I lived Somewhere Else, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I hated to think my life had become so limited. I moved away from, and … Continue reading

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47% Cheese

Some of you know that I am the product of divorce, back when it was still a trendy,  movement. As Gram used to say, I am from a “broken home”. My home really was broken; Gram had no idea. My … Continue reading

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Faultless Best

I read Marion Winik’s Telling this weekend. It resonated. She writes about being out all night, doing acid, with her sister, arriving home as her mother is having a morning cup of coffee. Marion tells her mom that they’re tripping … Continue reading

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Destiny Calls

The phone rang. The caller told me she’d forgotten who she was. She felt that she hadn’t been her true self in such a long time that she’d completely lost track of who that was. She woke up, old, one … Continue reading

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True Story

It’s been five years today since I saw Mum. It was her first and last visit to Hippy Hill. We had moved in at the end of December. I was excited to show her the lady slippers growing along the … Continue reading

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