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Trans Pacific Plutocracy

Wikileaks has released the Intellectual Property section of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Apparently, it is intended to be fast tracked through Congress before year end. Meetings will commence in Salt Lake City from tomorrow, November 19, through the 24th. … Continue reading

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Death for Dadah

Over 30 years ago when I was traveling in SE Asia, I was scared by the awareness that, in many of the countries I visited, a death sentence was imposed for possession of drugs. There were big signs declaring Death … Continue reading

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People Get Ready

I always wonder, when Congress is making much ado about nothing, i.e. the Ted Cruz October Debacle, how the government is really putting it to the People. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a horrifying back room deal. We must do … Continue reading

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Pointed View

I found Connie Sambrook’s blog by way of gigoid’s blog both of which are interesting and share some of the views I have. I watched a little bit of the Obama press release on Keystone yesterday. It breaks my heart to … Continue reading

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Two Wrongs

A lot of little kids in the United States grew up hearing the admonition, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” The Obama administration would do well to consider that mother’s maxim in its strategy to prevent terrorism. The Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Lawyers, Drones & Money

I voted for Obama. He appears to be a good human being, who is acting unethically if not illegally. Moyers & Company highlights the use of drones. The Center for Constitutional Rights continues to fight for individual freedoms, protected by … Continue reading

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Bill Moyers in The Nation

    Bill Moyers is passionate about what has transpired in this country. The piece is worth reading. http://www.thenation.com/article/164349/how-wall-street-occupied-america    

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