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Exposed Privates

As humiliating as it is to admit it, I will. I’ve been bamboozled not once but twice by the same man. It’s the first time in the History of Elroy that a good looking man has gotten one over on … Continue reading

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American Masters

“The documentary film Dirty Wars opens Friday in NYC, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. and in other cities nationwide over the coming weeks. We can’t recommend this film enough; it is a perfect example of the kind of courage we desperately need … Continue reading

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Targeting Whom?

Amy Davidson’s piece on The New Yorker.com entertains the question of targets and the fluid criteria for defining them. p m carpenter’s commentary (thank you, Doug) offers a reminder that the People have the power to demand action from our elected … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist Fringe

I have been sporadically disgruntled by life in these United States over the past four years. I have been impatient and battle fatigued. Continued corporate coddling and the disdain of the upper echelons in those same subsidized industries goads me … Continue reading

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Obama’s Focus

I read Michael Scherer’s TIME interview with President Obama this afternoon. Barack Obama has not changed his focus from 2008. He is working diligently to restore financial security and stability to the American middle class. Every, single, time the man … Continue reading

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Hope 2012

Hope 2012. Found on johnbalaya, who also found it. MSNBC showed a photo of Obama sitting back to in his chair. Someone tweeted, “This seat is already taken.”

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