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Deck Visions

Remember how things were going to change and I was going to establish an immediate policy whereby I became a union of 1 commandeering the executive offices, leisurely wasting time celebrating obscure holidays? Yeah, well, not so much. The first … Continue reading

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Sales Semantics

Everyone and their uncles would like to believe they serve “clients”. Customers are so old school and tacky, not nearly as refined as hoity-toity clients. Spare me. Lawyers and accountants serve clients. Medical professions serve patients. Retailers serve consumers. The … Continue reading


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Enlightenment Rules

Happy New Year. There now that we’ve dispensed with the niceties let’s get on with it. I’ve been enlightened since the last time I posted. It’s been evolutionary self-enlightenment. First, my much maligned and under-appreciated husband, who canNOT seem to … Continue reading

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Notice Love

You’ll be relieved to know that a stay of execution has been granted by HMNHQOTIR (Her Most Noble Highness, Queen of the Immediate Realm, that’s me!) so my husband will live a while longer. He mentioned this morning, like it was nothing … Continue reading

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Evaluating Class

You know we’re self employed and some of our customers are the upper echelon of society. Yes, the selfsame 1%. I am the Great and Powerful Oz of this operation so we do not budge without a contract. I’ve told you that my … Continue reading

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Circular Identification

I’ve been plotting my escape. I plot a daring escape, or a divorce, every spring. You’ll think whatever you want, I wouldn’t expect anything less. My discontent is the direct result of a hyper-responsible nature. There are people who would … Continue reading

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Without Words

It’s the same old story. We’ve been working our tails off. I’ve lost count of how many weekends we’ve worked through or how many hours I put in through the course of a work day. We’re working like sweatshop slaves. … Continue reading

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Missing You

Our business year end is approaching, like a freight train down the tracks. It is a torturous time of year for me and I complain loudly (not that it does any good) and often (I sound like a broken record). … Continue reading

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Dear Nasty Prospective Customer

Dear Nasty Prospective Customer: You are most often right. I am subservient to you and, during business hours, I acknowledge your superiority. You don’t need me but since I like to be able to eat and purchase toilet paper, I … Continue reading

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Much Ado

There is too much to do. I don’t like it. Work is too hectic, family is overly demanding and I am tired. If I can survive the next week, without becoming a homicidal maniac, I will return rejuvenated later on … Continue reading

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