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Deck Visions

Remember how things were going to change and I was going to establish an immediate policy whereby I became a union of 1 commandeering the executive offices, leisurely wasting time celebrating obscure holidays? Yeah, well, not so much. The first … Continue reading

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Autumn Nuances

It’s October. Fall has arrived. Once vibrant summer gardens are subdued and refined in contrast to the tree foliage. A slower pace has been adopted in the hinterland, allowing conspiracy theories to travel Main Street and beyond. I have been … Continue reading

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Desperate Pleas

Please keep me from killing my husband today. Please help me be nice to him even though he’s driving me crazy. Please don’t allow my editorial thoughts to escape the filter and become indelible words. Please remind me that I don’t … Continue reading


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Evaluating Class

You know we’re self employed and some of our customers are the upper echelon of society. Yes, the selfsame 1%. I am the Great and Powerful Oz of this operation so we do not budge without a contract. I’ve told you that my … Continue reading

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Circular Identification

I’ve been plotting my escape. I plot a daring escape, or a divorce, every spring. You’ll think whatever you want, I wouldn’t expect anything less. My discontent is the direct result of a hyper-responsible nature. There are people who would … Continue reading

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Dear Nasty Prospective Customer

Dear Nasty Prospective Customer: You are most often right. I am subservient to you and, during business hours, I acknowledge your superiority. You don’t need me but since I like to be able to eat and purchase toilet paper, I … Continue reading

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One of my earliest memories is of halyards clanging against masts at a marina on the Connecticut shore. I was definitely younger than eight. I don’t have a recollection of my little brothers in that episode of my life so … Continue reading

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Obama v. Romney

Argument over stimulating job growth and supporting small business was of particular interest to me, and not because I am a micro business owner. After listening to weeks of former Governor Rmoney’s rhetoric in favor of assisting small business in … Continue reading

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Middle Class Strength

If you have a moment or two, it shouldn’t take much longer than that, please take a look at Governor Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class. Energy independence is his first priority. It looks like he’d like to rollback … Continue reading

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Nothing Special

The bigger they are the harder they fall. An area business leader, highly visible in the community and on many boards, was arrested yesterday by the DEA for narcotics possession with intent to distribute. He thought he was pretty special. … Continue reading

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