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Individually Independent

You don’t want to hear this again, I know you don’t. That won’t stop me. For a while I forgot who I was/am. I need new bras and a shower curtain. I spend more time devising ways to keep people … Continue reading

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Trash Floats

A long time ago I loved the idea of someone who grew up to be a PhD (piled high and deep). Sometimes I make an electronic fly by to see how he’s doing. He has a 2nd wife, also a … Continue reading

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Bert & Ida

My siblings and I grew up in a working class community, one of the last strongholds of the east coast fish cannery industry. We were lucky because we were raised by two generations of educators and influenced by an assortment … Continue reading

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Communicating Comfort

I do not like my cell phone. It is the enemy. The only reason I have it is because a few years ago, before my life was ruined by constant communication, my husband was overdue fishing on a lake and I … Continue reading

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Heartless Diamonds

Last week, I read somewhere that social media makes people feel less fulfilled so I took a week off from blogging and concentrated on my tangible life. BIG MISTAKE. There are many things I enjoy about the tangible world but … Continue reading

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Garden and Gun

Garden and Gun. Please read this. It gave me goosebumps.

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Urban Gardens

I had a brief adventure while I was gone. It is my habit to get up and out into the world as the sun rises. It makes my heart happy to wander around unsupervised. I took these pictures at 6A … Continue reading

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Ceaseless Wonders

NEVER give up. Never. I emailed HUD cc the governor and legislators. I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t hear a peep. I called my new friend, the woman, to let her know what I had done and the emerging … Continue reading

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Poverty Profits

A peek into what occupies my time at work- Dear Governor and Esteemed Bureaucrats: I have been contacted by an impoverished, disabled, functionally illiterate, mother who tells me she has been directed by someone at HUD to call us for … Continue reading

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Premarital Advice

The moral to the story is if you’re not willing to sacrifice you’re not ready to get married. The moral is exponentially true if you’re planning on marrying someone with children from a prior alliance. The young people in my life … Continue reading


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