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Wrong Answer

My husband told me that we have luna moths that fly in dipping, circular patterns all night. Luna moths are magical, like fire flies. When I got up to pee, I looked out the window, and sure enough, they were … Continue reading

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Sales Semantics

Everyone and their uncles would like to believe they serve “clients”. Customers are so old school and tacky, not nearly as refined as hoity-toity clients. Spare me. Lawyers and accountants serve clients. Medical professions serve patients. Retailers serve consumers. The … Continue reading


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Daybell’s Freebie

Richard Daybell has a free, and we do love free, copy of Naughty Marietta available. Visit his blog to meet some of his characters and to hook up with the free link.

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Without Words

It’s the same old story. We’ve been working our tails off. I’ve lost count of how many weekends we’ve worked through or how many hours I put in through the course of a work day. We’re working like sweatshop slaves. … Continue reading

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Ned Hickson Columnist

Phase two of my book promo plan: Anonymous surveillance photos of recipients. Ned is a humor columnist. His posts are funny and he seems to be a really nice guy. He favors sturdy, sensible, orthopedic pumps.

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Found Treasure

I found this precious gem, http://teresaevangelinespoetry.blogspot.com/,  yesterday and I am so taken with the refreshing clarity that I have to share it. Teresa calls them micro-poems, I call them perfection.

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Back View

“You spent 23.75 hours of the day engaged in other things. Something to consider: kids nowadays are big into the hook up, just like in the 70s. Sex amongst friends is considered the very best way to go these days … Continue reading

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Hear Here

The most peaceful days of my life were the days when I was almost half a world away from my biological family. My husband wishes I wouldn’t feel this way or, since I do feel this way, he wishes I … Continue reading

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Sharing Love

Here are four blogs I’ve visited- The Bully Pulpit http://jrbenjamin.com/ strong writing. Phil Kneen Photography http://philkneen.wordpress.com/ striking images. Perception http://thejeremynix.wordpress.com/ compelling perspective. KatanaPen http://katanapen.wordpress.com/ engaging voice.

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The Reader

I finished Richard’s Story, which is Richard Daybell’s story because he provided the inspiration for it by holding a mirror up to my words so I could see them better. It was also Lucy’s story. I had to get the … Continue reading

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