Ralph Speaks

Ralph Nader says the media are bored. He also points out the media is complicit in keeping us firmly planted in the two party system by suggesting that third party candidates “split the vote” each time one of the major parties suffers an unpredicted loss.

The time has come for serious consideration of third party candidates, people who are not yet corrupted by the system and have alternative visions of  the ways we may address our national problems to arrive at a more secure future.

The time has come to let our political freak flag fly. Unconventional is not threatening, it is innovative. We need political innovation or intervention, because what we have now is political intubation, keeping the patient alive at all costs. The People can’t afford to pay.

The Tea Party morphed into something I could never endorse, a bunch of greedy, mean-spirited, one way, I got mine and I’m keeping it, self-righteous, hypocrites. The Tea Party has been a useful model for what a third party could achieve, in the right hands.

Between now and 2016, we need desperately to address campaign reform, not just finance but overall reform. We could do great things, if we took our third party candidates seriously and voted for our convictions. Imagine a country where we voted for what we believed in rather than for a “winner”.


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11 Responses to Ralph Speaks

  1. George says:

    Well said!

    [I’d comment further, but I’m busy hooking up a caffeine IV for tomorrow night.]

  2. But what if we believe in winners? Actually, Vermont (which leads the nation in so many ways) has a relatively strong third party, the Progressives, and has used instant runoff voting in some elections. We also have an Independent (socialist) senator. And of course a czar.

  3. Now tell us how you really feel.

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