Mothers’ Optimism

My mother was an optimist. I was surprised to learn that she thought of herself as an organ donor. Her driver’s license was renewed in her 69th year and she generously checked the box to recycle her organs for donation. It makes me grin just to think of it.

Mum got a lot of mileage out of her organs. Her body gave life to six of us. She worked year round and went to school nights to clothe and feed us. She was the ultimate commuter; the night school classes were 120+ miles one way, on Thursday nights, after work. For most of her career she traveled an average of 50 miles each day.

I can just imagine her at the DMV renewing her license, thinking “Well, I’ll be DEAD so I won’t be using my organs, they might help somebody…” followed by a happy little check mark.

I thought of her outlook yesterday when a pregnant woman was our waitress; mothers are optimistic by definition.


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3 Responses to Mothers’ Optimism

  1. This was too cute. But now I am wondering if there is, or should be, a sell-by date on organs. hmmmm….

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