Rich People

I live in an area that is the seasonal home to affluence. Families with money- cold, hard cash out the wazoo- have had tasteful cottages here for generations. We are among the working class that provides services to those people.

I am but a humble commoner with the hands and the feet of a washerwoman. Well, not really, but I am extraordinarily ordinary. I know my place.

Every season, I have direct communication with a pedigreed individual, or two, who has inspiring grace, charm, and humbling human frailties that touch my heart. Is is early in the season and I’ve already met one. I feel lucky.

Rich people are not homogeneously bad or good. They are just like the rest of us, a mixed bag.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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4 Responses to Rich People

  1. I’ve always wanted to be one of the wealthy, and just knew I would be VERY good at it. ;-P

  2. Money doesn’t make anyone bad. But I thought it was funny when… I think it was Romney, maybe, but some rich politician, countered the idea of ‘haves and have-nots’ by saying, “We prefer to think of it as ‘haves and soon-to-haves’.” If you are poor, and you think that rich people are just sitting in their mansions hoping that all of you are going to buy the place next door and move in, because they can’t wait to have you as neighbors, you might not have thought this through.

  3. elroyjones says:

    Catchin’ what you’re throwin’. We common people look much better with our noses pressed against the window, peering longingly in, than we would trashing up the ‘hood deflating property values.

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